The Archetypal Pop.
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Transcendental Illumination.
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Title: Legends Never Die
Artist: Ferras (ft. Katy Perry)
Played: 14431 times

Prismatic world tour; colour palette (i)

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Katy Perry: “I brought my light here and I wanted to grow some things for you tonight if that’s okay? I just need to water it.”

Prismatic World Tour in Belfast - 05.08

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"I don’t know if you know this girl named Ariana Grande. I love her so much. I think she’s probably got- She has the best female vocals in pop music today, I would say. She literally has the best voice, best voice live. She kills it, I mean she is so good. I got to hang out with her and listen to her record before it came out because I wanted to reach out to her and just like kind of be like ‘Hey girl, you’re just about to go through a whirlwind. Let me just kind of give you a couple of tips if you ever need anything, a hairstylist, a makeup artist, a stylist… or whatever y’know.’ She’s just the sweetest girl and I just wish her the best." - Katy Perry.

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Princess Mandee - “Happy birthday bitches!”

Katy Perry’s Number 1 song’s music videos

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